Spring regeneration of our lawn

Spring regeneration of our lawn

Finally spring is here! The gardens and fields are becoming green, but is the neighbour’s garden always greener? How can I get my lawn to looks so fresh and even in my own back yard?

Unfortunately, it is not enough to scatter the grass seeds and wait for them to emerge to achieve a beautiful fresh lawn. The perfect lawn requires regular tending from spring to autumn.

Most important is regular mowing. Our lawn-forming plants grow stronger from weekly trimming, while most weeds can’t withstand it and die. The lawnmower should ideally be adjusted to a lawn height of approx. 4 cm. The mowed parts should be collected and composted. Composting can be accelerated by adding the 1-2% solution from the HuminPower product line.

In addition to mowing, the lawn needs regular irrigation and nutrients. Irrigation should definitely be done in the cool hours of the morning and evening, when there is no sunshine. Nutrient supply is essential for all plants. In the spring, simultaneously with grassing, it is worthwhile using fertilisers and nutrients, e.g. HuminPower G, which, due to its long absorption time, is sufficient to be applied once a year.

The older lawns, planted several years earlier, need spring refreshment and aeration. Lawn combing machines are able to aerate the soil at different depths, with the goal of each one being the removal of all the plant residues and mosses and the loosening of the soil in order to help air get in.

By following the above, you are sure to succeed in achieving a beautiful lawn! We wish you every success in the care of your garden this year!

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