Beneficiary: Fertechnik Kft.
Project title: Supporting Fertechnik Kft.’s market presence in the Republic of Malawi
Contracted support amount: HUF 6,851,023
Support ratio: 50%

Content of the project:

On 11.05.2015, our company, Fertechnik Kft., ordered the advisory service related to the product presentation being organised in Malawi from Inis Business Kft. The contract of engagement was signed and our project was launched. After prior consultation, the consulting company mapped potential customers, locations, and created a database of these companies and individuals. Based on the experience gained abroad, the market research study was prepared and handed over.

As the second step of our application, our service contract with MW Film Ltd Malawi was signed on 01.06.2015. On the basis of the contract, the Company undertook to provide showrooms and exhibition venues in the agricultural/commercial centres of 8 large cities and 33 smaller towns. It also undertook the organisation and running of the local press conference. It prepared the decoration of the showrooms. It assumed the responsibility for transportation between showrooms, insurance and the preparation of marketing materials. It provided an interpreter at the exhibition venues. The project was actually completed on 18.09.2015.

In order to ensure the mandatory notification and publicity related to the project, the photo documentation of the project was prepared, our ‘C’ type notification board was displayed at the implementation site, and our website regarding the project was completed.

The actual end date of the project: 18.09.2015
Project identification number: GINOP-1.3.1-14-2014-00088